Public Relations

People conduct business with the companies and brands they know and trust. Yet, it’s difficult to get recognized in a crowded marketplace in which an abundance of new information is streaming 24/7.

News Muse helps you increase your visibility by creating opportunities that showcase your business or organization and illustrate your value to your key audiences. We understand the media, both traditional and digital, and devise a clear path to move your business forward. In addition, we work proactively to protect your reputation and highlight the people, products and services that make your business stand out amid the competition.

Marketing Communications

Your business or organization has its own unique identity and value proposition. Keeping this in mind, News Muse avoids a cookie-cutter approach to marketing communications. Instead, we carefully analyze your business and your brand, who you are and how you wish to be perceived.

News Muse then selects the appropriate marketing channels and tools to successfully position your business, so that your messaging resonates with your key audiences and keeps you top of mind.

Media Training

When speaking to the media – or any of your targeted audiences — what you say and how you say it are equally important.

News Muse helps you:

  • Understand today’s media, what they want from their sources, and your role as a spokesperson
  • Develop content that is relevant and newsworthy
  • Assess your verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Perfect an effective delivery
  • Improve your overall performance

Media interviews offer you an opportunity to demonstrate your subject-matter expertise, highlight your business services, showcase your products, promote your cause, and more. News Muse’s concrete tips and techniques will help you smoothly articulate your key messages, so that your audiences not only understand what you say, but they remember it, too.